Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Love My New Glasses From Firmoo!

Do you wear glasses? If you do then you have got to head over to Firmoo and check out their amazing deals and selection of frames.

 I was recently asked to order a pair of glasses to give an honest review of Firmoo. The entire experience was quick and easy. I chose a pair of frames that I loved, but I wasn't sure how they would look on my face. Luckily Firmoo has My Virtual Look Viewer. I uploaded a picture of myself and got an idea of what my new glasses would look like. These are the frames I chose. Adorable, right?

My glasses arrived in less than two weeks. I was impressed with the nice, sturdy case, cleaning cloth, and nifty keychain to tighten the screws on the go.

 Most importantly, I loved my glasses, and still do. They are comfortable and high quality, and the lenses including scratch proofing! 

I'll definitely be ordering from Firmoo again. To get your own pair of glasses head to 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Changing Table to School Command Station

Earlier this summer I posted my changing table lemonade stand

The table also briefly served as a toy store. 

Now that summer is over I'm repurposing the stand for a school time command station.  I added some 3M hooks to each side to hang backpacks. I found a 2 pack at Smiths for $2.50. I got the adorable chevron and argyle bins at Dollar Tree. Guess how much those were? :p I also found the file holders and the chalkboard labels at Dollar Tree.

I'm using the file holders for school papers and homework. The bins store school supplies, books, and anything else they need. I also hijacked one of the bottom bins to store diapers and wipes.
It fits perfectly in the little corner by the doorway.
The entire project-including the price of the changing table-cost less than $20. Not bad, huh?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nawgum Teether Review

I was recently sent a Nawgum teether to review for my blog. I'm on my 4th baby, so I've used a lot of  different teething rings and toys over the years. Right off the bat I could tell Nawgum was different than the other teethers I've used. It is one seamless, nonporous piece of silicone that is uniquely shaped to fit baby's needs. Its cactus-like shape contains two arms and two "bumpers". Babies love to gnaw on their fingers, so the arms are molded to replicate a baby's finger. They are soft and rubbery on the surface with a hardened middle to simulate a bone. When I first read this I thought it was insanely clever.

The arms and bumpers also have different textures to help sooth my baby's gums. I've noticed that in the heat of his teething Calvin likes the arm with the bumpy texture. When he's just gnawing to gnaw he seems to prefer the smooth bumper. He's only 9 months old now, but the Nawgum is designed to help him teeth until 24 months. The unique finger-like arms will sooth his gums when those nasty molars start coming in.  Nawgum is BPA-free and made with food-grade silicone, so it is dishwasher safe. My only complaint is that like his silicone binky it is a dirt magnet. Luckily it can be easily rinsed or tossed in the dishwasher.

The thing I love the most about Nawgum is that it was invented by a mom who was just fed up with teething. Sue Kellogg-NawGum's inventor-consulted with a group of dentists, an orthodontist, and a pediatrician to come up with the perfect design for babies 0 to 24 months. Go Mama!

Calvin loves his Nawgum-which we have affectionately nicknamed his "Gummy". I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with a fussy, teething baby. You can purchase your own directly from Mello&Co's website, or check the store locator to find one near you.

Good luck with those drooling, adorable babies!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doctor Who Countdown Printables

Hello, fellow Whovians. The premiere date for the new series of Doctor Who has been released, and that date is August 23, 2014! If you're anything like me you've watched the
BBC teaser trailers, and every fan made trailer you've come across on Pinterest and Tumblr. For those of you brave enough to display your obsession for the whole world to see I have created two printable countdowns to help pass the time, and show your Whovian pride. The first is a countdown chain and the second can be laminated or placed in a frame to use with a dry erase marker. You could just draw tally marks on your arm, but that might throw off your Silent count. ;)

You can right click and save the images or download them from the links below the pictures.
Print on sturdy card stock, or laminate your TARDIS. Cut a slit in the bottom to attach the first chain, and go from there.
Download HERE

Download HERE

Download HERE

Are you excited about Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor? I'm really looking forward to what he will bring to the series, but I'll admit that I feel like I'm recovering from a bad breakup after saying goodbye to Matt Smith's Doctor.

47 days! Let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chalkboard Play Table for Under $4

I got our plastic Ikea table and chairs from a classifieds listing for $5 a few years ago. They have made it through two owners and three moves in perfect condition, but they just couldn't make it through Philly's "Trying Threes". Our little Dennis the Menace got a hold of some Sharpies and the rest is history.

Luckily, this was nothing that 20 minutes and a $4 can of Rust-oleum chalkboard spray paint couldn't fix.

Don't you just love cheap and easy projects?