Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Detective Kit

My daughter Samantha is turning 7 in a few weeks and she is my little bookworm. Her favorite genre of books is mystery. She also loves watching mystery movies and Scooby Doo. For her birthday gift I decided to make Samantha her very own detective kit.

The kit includes:
a magnifying glass
clue notebook with a pen
a mini flashlight
walkie talkies
fingerprinting forms and an ink pad
evidence bags
a crocheted sleuth hat

I took a plain black magnifying glass from JoAnn and gave it a makeover with rhinestones and duct tape.

For the notebook I used a composition book and created my own cover. I glued the paper with spray glue and covered the spine with the same duct tape that I used on the magnifying glass. I also covered the flashlight with the same duct tape to tie it all together.

Every detective needs a badge to flash. After she signs it and adds her fingerprint we will laminate it to give it a super-professional look.

I googled "fingerprint forms" and found a great printout on The University of Arizona website. I threw in a dollar ink pad from Michael's.

My search for pink non-character walkie talkies was unsuccessful, but I did find some purple walkie talkies for only $6.99 at Ross Dress for Less. With a little bling I don't think she'll mind that they aren't pink. I also threw in a few ziplock baggies for "evidence bags"

Finally, a sleuth hat. I crocheted a Sherlock Holmes cap using pink and brown yarn to give it tweed look.

Dax was my model and liked it so much that I am making him his own sleuth hat.

I put it all together in a cute storage box from Michael's with a cover that says "Samantha's Super Sleuth Kit".

I can't wait to see Samantha's face when she opens this on her birthday

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  1. What a lovely idea and proof that birthdays don't have to cost the earth. Well done x

  2. This is brilliant! I have two boys but even they would love this idea! I may just steal it for our next birthday or "no-media weekend".

  3. I love this idea. I wish I got something like that when I was a kid.

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