Friday, November 23, 2012

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack Review

The weather is officially cold and if you are like me your little one does not keep his covers on at night. I can't count the number of times I have been awakened by a cold baby in need of bundling.  A great solution to this is the Merino Kids Sleep Sack.

I received the cornflower blue sleep sack in the mail and was instantly impressed. This isn't some flimsy lightweight baby sack. It is surprisingly heavy duty and soft at the same time. The outer layer is made from organic cotton while the inner layer is soft, superfine merino wool. While super-comfy for your little one, it is also caregiver friendly. The sack opens to lay your baby down and then closes around them. You can also just unzip the bottom for easy diaper changes.

Another great feature of the Merino Sleep Sack is the patented safety belt aperture that allows your baby to wear the sleep sack in a car seat or stroller. We used this feature just last week. We knew we would be getting home past bedtime, so we snuggled Philly into his sleep sack and placed him in the car seat. As predicted, he fell asleep on the car ride home. All we had to do was gently take him out and place him in his crib. What an easy transition!

The Merino Sleep Sack is comfy enough for a tickle fight with Daddy!

Philly relaxing in his sleep sack after naptime

I love this product. While it is more expensive than a run-of-the-mill sleep sack, the quality speaks for itself. I am confidant that this sleep sack with survive life with Phily and be as good as new for the next Moon baby.

The sleep sack is so soft that Philly likes to snuggle it even when he isn't wearing it.

The Merino Kids Baby and Toddler Sleeps Sacks are available for kids 0-2 and 2-4. To purchase your own Merino Kids Sleep Sack check out the Merino Kids website.

I received the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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