Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick Day Fun

We're battling a nasty little virus in our house right now and poor Samantha got hit hard. She stayed home today, and in an effort to make her (and the boys) feel better I set up a little sick day fun.

Samantha snuggled her unicorns while watching Ruby Gloom. Have you seen that show?? It is ADORABLE!

Once the ibuprofen kicked in we did some coloring. My little artist now prefers to color with oil pastels instead of crayons. 

We also set up a pretty rockin' fort!

It is even more awesome with the lights off!

Philly looks like a little zombie in this one!
I attached clothesline rope to the banister of our stairs and stretched it across the room to a hook that I secured to the wall. After that I just threw a sheet over, tacked one side to the wall, and strung some Christmas lights. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes to set up, and gave the kids a fun place to play the rest of the day.

Superman and Buzz Lightyear in their "Secret Lair".

Silly Superman!

Bedtime fun in the fort. Christmas lights make everything cool!

Today I learned that a sick day isn't always a bad thing, and that the random, silly stuff is usually more fun than the well-planned, "pretty" activities. 

What do you do to keep your kids amused on sick days?


  1. Wow - this looks fun! What a cool mommy :)

  2. Wow. Mine are little older - 10 and 12. I usualy try to keep them in the bed when they are sick. Didn't think about make it amusing for them.

  3. Super cute! I hope youre little one feels better soon! Looks like she's having fun in the meantime! =)

  4. Thanks guys! My girl has ADHD so if I don't find something amusing for her to do she will run around and make herself worse.

  5. Oh no...sorry the sickness is hitting your house. BUT it looked like they at least made the best of it.