Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tuesday Confessional Features

Wow! I loved the projects that were linked up last week. So many of these are now on my Crafty To-Do List. Check them out!

Valentine's Day Heart Art from Missy Inspired

DIY Valentine Chair Backer from The Chirping Moms

Scratch Card Valentines + Template from Kiki's Korner

Twigg Studios shared this awesome Marshmallow Roses Tutorial

Homemade Oreos from Sugar Tart Crafts

French Toast Casserole by Countrified Hicks

Creative Holders from My Crazy Beautiful Life

Fabric covered cabinet doors from Pandora's Craft Box

Vintage Inspired Granny Square Pillows from Happy in Red

DIY Glitter Frame Glasses from Creative Khadija

Diana Rambles shared her free Super Bowl XLV11 Cupcake Toppers Printable.

Congrats to everyone who was featured this week. Don't forget to grab a brag button!
Crafty Confessions


  1. Macy,

    Thanks for featuring my Super Bowl Cupcake Toppers. I have grabbed your button for both my sidebar and the actual post! Now I just need to print some out for our own party, although I could care less who wins. I just like to overeat with friends! LOL!


  2. Hi Macy! Thank you so much for the feature. You featured some really great projects this week.

  3. Thanks for featuring us!!!!!!!


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