Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Mommy Dilemma

It is a problem we all face: Not enough hands and not enough hours in the day. As parents our children come first, followed by jobs/housework, volunteering, etc. When do we find time to take care of ourselves?
I have 3 demanding kids, including a fussy 6 month old and a dachshund who has to go out every 5 minutes. I usually have to choose between a shower and exercise because there isn't time for both. Some days there isn't time for either...or is there? I have time for craft projects, blogging and Facebook, so why can't I shower and work out? For me it is a matter of leaving my kids unsupervised and putting the baby down. Let's face it, the baby won't die if he is put down for 10 minutes and the kids will be fine watching the Disney channel for a bit. I will probably still feel guilty for taking time for myself, but at least I will smell good and be healthy.
To ease our collective guilty conscience we need to look at parenting like this: In the event of an emergency (life) we must first put on our oxygen masks before we can assist others.

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