Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 minute project: Camera/Gadget Cozy

Some days you just NEED to craft, even if it is only for 5 minutes. For this reason I have decided to TRY to post one 5 minute project to my blog each week. This week's project: A camera cozy for my new camera.

I LOVE this camera, but I'm worried that the LCD screen with get scratched. This is my solution.

Materials needed: 
1 sock
sewing machine

Turn your sock inside out.

Hold your camera/ipod/ etc. against the sock to see how much room you need.
Sew across the bottom. You can do a straight line, but I tried it both ways and I like the look of a little more rounded.

Turn right side out and drop your camera into the case.

My camera already has a strap, but if you want a handle just turn the case inside out and sew the ends of a piece of ribbon/fabric to the sides.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!



  1. good idea :) I have a ton of halloween socks with bust up toes that i am trying to recycle somehow... thanx for sharing!

  2. okay, I HAVE to send this to my mom! She keep her camera in a sock! I'm not kidding! LOL!!! The least she could do is make it cute!!!


  3. What a great quick project - love it! Karima :)

  4. I happen to like the camera. It is compact and very handy. The best part is 14 mega pixels.


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