Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Library Bags with Subway Art

Reading is a big hobby in our family. The kids have been read to since their first day home from the hospital and they each got library cards when they turned 2.  Going to the library is an event. The kids carry their own library cards, pay their own fines (when they have them), and pick their own books. Until now, I had been putting every one's books into one "family bag", but it is getting heavy with all those Fancy Nancy books.
I bought a 3 pack of tote bags from the craft section at Walmart with the intention of stenciling I Love 2 Read on the side. A few days later I made some subway art with the kids' favorite books and realized that it would be perfect for their library bags.
I printed the subway art on transfer paper and ironed them to the bags.
First, I tried scattering the book titles, but the other titles would cool before I had a chance to finish the whole thing. I used a different transfer paper than usual.

Big mistake. 

I managed to get it somewhat presentable when I kept the subway art as it was printed.

It isn't perfect, but the kids think they are great and can't wait to show them off at the library.

The bag is half his size!

Being a book worm builds muscles!

If you want to make your very own library bag OR subway art for your reading area I have included the links to download them.

Click HERE for Subway Art

Click HERE for iron-on transfer

Click HERE for Subway Art

Click HERE for iron-on transfer

Aren't I wonderful?? :P
Happy crafting!


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