Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NIghtmare Before Christmas Treats

What's this? What's this? It's The Nightmare Before Christmas on BluRay! In true Macy fashion, I am more excited about buying a new Disney movie than my kids. I can't help it! I absolutely love this movie. I remember when it first came out. I had one of the Nightmare Before Christmas watches from Burger King. I sure wish I had held on to that....
In celebration of our newest movie I set up a fun little snack for the kids. This literally just popped into my head when we got home from Target that night.
I had some mega marshmallows in the pantry and used a black gel icing pen to draw Jack's face.

I stuck toothpicks in the tops to avoid black frosting fingers.

Next, I drew a Jack face on styrofoam cups with crayon. This would have worked better with a Sharpie, but I didn't have one on hand. And yes...I know....styrofoam = bad, but you try making hot chocolate for half the kids in the neighborhood with only 4 coffee cups in the house.

Here you go. The whole shabang. 

It added an extra special touch to a fun family night. Who knows...maybe my kids will do this with their kids when they get older.


P.S. What is YOUR favorite Halloween flick?


  1. I love this idea! Would you link it to my Halloween Traditions link up?

  2. So cute! I love to watch Ichabod Crane. It's a favorite!


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