Friday, November 25, 2011

Nice and Naughty Letters from Santa!

Christmas is in the air! What is the best part of this season? Is it the decorations? The music? The food? For me it is the leverage that Santa gives me. (I swear I'm not the Grinch). It is just nice to be able to say, "Stop hitting your brother! Santa is watching!" or "You are one step away from the naughty list!".

As they have gotten older my children seem to need a concrete reminder that Santa is indeed watching. I have found a few Santa letters online, but none have really caught my eye, so I called Santa himself and he kindly sent me the forms he uses to inform children which list they are on. He even gave me permission to post them on my blog so all the parents out there can have access. He explained that in the end, it is the parents who sign off on the list.

Click HERE to download the Nice List letter

Click HERE to download the Naughty List letter.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Jolly Saint Nick for his help this year, and I would also like to remind him that I have been good and can always use more yarn and hot glue.

Happy Holidays!

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