Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brolly Sheets Review: A Nighttime Sanity Saver

If you have a toddler or young child you probably have the joy of dealing with accidents. Accidents happen, but they are the worst in the middle of the night, because by the time you change your little one's clothes and bedding they are wide awake. My 4-year-old son is still having potty training issues so I was thrilled when Brolly Sheets asked me to review their waterproof covers. I received the light blue cover and it was super easy to use. I just threw it on top of Dax's top sheet and put him to bed like normal.

If you look closely you will see Little Mermaid sheets under the Brolly Sheet.
Gotta love laundry day!

Brolly Sheets have a 100% quilted cotton top layer, super absorbent middle layer, and a waterproof backing layer, so the top sheet and mattress stay dry.  This was proven after a midnight accident when all I had to do was sweep the cover off his bed to reveal a nice, dry sheet underneath. I was able to change him into a new pair of jammies before he was too awake and put him back to bed. I can't tell you how nice that was. What usually wakes him up is having to wait for me to strip the sheet from his bed. He shares a room with his brother and sister so lifting and dropping the mattress usually wakes them as well.

Dax sleeps on a twin mattress, but since this doesn't have fitted edges it is really easy to tuck into a toddler mattress as well. I will definitely be using one of these when Philly starts potty training in the next year. Oh, and unlike a lot of other waterproof sheets, this one doesn't crinkle and crackle every time my son rolls over in bed. The sheet is also washer and dryer safe, so I can use it over and over. I'm hoping I won't need this for him much longer, but it is nice to have something that makes life a little easier in the mean time. 

He was totally faking it here, but it was still adorable!
If you want to check out Brolly Sheets for yourself you can head over to their website.

The sheets come in twin or queen and are available in 5 different colors.


  1. Hi do you know if Brolly will post to the UK? These are so much nicer than a plastic undersheet

  2. Hi Liveseygirl. The website I posted is for the USA, but I did find their UK website:
    I hope that helps!

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