Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Sweet Crack House...WHAT?!?!

You may have noticed another gap in posts over the last few weeks. The reason for that gap is CRAZY! Here's what happened:

Around the beginning of January we moved from our two bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom townhouse and we were THRILLED! We quickly settled in and unpacked everything. I also went to work on turning a back room in the basement into a playroom for the kiddies.

This was the start of the playroom for the kids...
While painting one of the playroom walls I discovered a broken crack pipe. Not a "Oh no! Call a plumber!" cracked pipe, but a "Holy mother of all things illegal!" CRACK pipe. I called the police and they sent an officer to retrieve the disgusting piece of glass from our home. I swear I washed my hands at least 40 times that day. A few days later an inspector came to our house to test for meth residue. After a week we received the results: Our house tested 6 times over the legal limit for meth residue!!
I felt dirty, and panicked and unsafe in the house that was supposed to be our "step up." The thought of my precious babies breathing in poison was enough to send me into several anxiety attacks.

The next few days were a blur of packing, washing clothes (3 times for every piece of laundry in the house), and doctor appointments. Thank God the kids all tested negative for drugs. We also had to throw away anything porous that couldn't be washed. This included pillows, mattresses, and some beloved stuffed animals, as well as our vacuum and humidifiers.

We have been in our new place for about a week now, and I must say that it is MUCH nicer than the old townhouse. The basement walls are actually "finished", and back yard is HUGE, and we have a garage.

The playroom alone is a good indicator of how much nicer the new place is!

I feel so much safer and at home in this new place. Maybe everything happened to lead us here.  Whatever the reasons, I'm just glad my family is safe and comfortable, and I'm happy to be back to blogging (again).


  1. AAAAAAHHHHHH! What a scary experience! Glad to hear you're in a new, nice place now. And happy late birthday!

  2. im so glad the kiddos are ok, that must have been a huge scare. Im so happy that you guys got a nice place now. Think of it as a blessing not only did you get a nicer home but you also saved another family from that and made the landlord aware of problem, it sucks that you had to be the one to find it but im glad the kids didnt touch it and play with it or get cut from it.

  3. That is insane!!! I am so glad you are all okay! Now I'm all paranoid as we just bought our first house which was built in 1979!

  4. that is crazy! What an experience!

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  6. I am planning a post on this exact topic! While looking for a house to buy, I've been terrified of buying a meth home. People have lost their health and lives over this! It can happen anywhere. I'm so glad you came across the paraphernalia, or you may have not have known til it was too late!

  7. I my gosh, what a nightmare! I am so sorry you had to deal with that! I am glad you are in a nice, (non-meth) house now :)

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