Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cutie Caddy Bow/Earring Holder

I am the mommy of a super girly girl who loves to accessorize. The only problem with this is that she is constantly losing her bows and earrings because we don't have a designated spot to put all of this. As a solution to the cutie clutter, I came up with what I'm calling the Cutie Caddy. It is one spot to hold all of her bows, earrings, and bobby pins.

To make the Cutie Caddy you need these supplies:
Mesh Canvas in whatever color you prefer
A simple picture frame. It can be any size, depending on what you are planning to make.
Hot glue.
Ribbon (preferably grosgrain or velvet)
Cup hooks to hang your caddy from the wall:

Paint your frame. I used Sam's favorite colors and added a touch of glitter.
Hot glue the ribbons to hang the bow from before you add the mesh. I burned the ends to keep them from fraying.
Cut your mesh to fit the frame and hot glue it to the back.

Once everything had dried add your earring and bows. Hang on the wall using 2 cup hooks. The reason I use the cup hooks is the allow the backs of the earrings to have room away from the wall so they don't get bent.

This is a SUPER easy project that makes a great gift for any little girl and costs almost nothing to make.

Happy Crafting!

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  5. The Cutie Caddy Bow/Earrings holder is the solution to an age old problem. I know you have been in this situation... You are getting ready to go out and you realize that the only statement necklace you have is paired with your red skinny jeans.... Or maybe you have a new pair of stud earrings but no studded ears?

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