Sunday, December 29, 2013

Donating Hair to Children With Hair Loss

Yesterday my 8-year-old made a very mature and kind decision to cut her hair and donate it to an organization called Children With Hair Loss. I am so proud of my Samantha and just love that she chose to do this all on her own.

Today I'm sharing Samantha's new 'do and how you can donate your hair to Children With Hair Loss.

A few days ago I was looking online at Locks of Love to see if I could donate my hair. I have colored/bleached hair, so it is not an option for me right now. Samantha peeked over my shoulder and asked what I was looking at. I explained that there are children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illnesses. Some people choose to cut their hair and donate it so it can be made into wigs for those children.

Without hesitation she declared, "I'm going to cut my hair and give it to those kids." I was taken aback at first because she adored her long hair and had vowed she would never cut it. I warned her that they would need to cut around 10 inches and that her hair would be short. My sweet little 8 year old replied with the most selfless answer: "I don't mind. I don't want bald kids to have cold heads."

With that settled I researched how she could donate her hair. After reading an article by Forbes I decided that Locks of Love wasn't a good match for us, and found Children With Hair Loss.
Children With Hair Loss is a nonprofit organization that provides a customized human hair replacement and care kit to over 300 children a year. They opened in 2000 and to this day have never charged a child for hair replacement. 

Now that we had a plan we took a few last long hair pictures and headed to the salon. This was only Sammy's second time getting her hair cut and she loved every minute of it. 

In the end she donated 10 inches in length. She loves her new hairdo and is so proud of herself. Mommy and Daddy and super proud of her too. Samantha is already planning to donate again once her hair grows back out. 

Donating to Children With Hair Loss is easy:

Hair must be at least 8 inches or longer, and in a clean, dry ponytail or braid.
Place in a ziplock bag.
Print and fill out the donation form.
Place the form and ziplock bag in an envelope and mail to Children With Hair Loss.

For complete donation requirements, mailing address, and donation form go HERE

If you decide to donate feel free to print one of my signs and post your pics to my Facebook page. I would love to see them!

Download HERE

Download HERE


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