Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Dress-Up: Tinkerbell Inspired Flip-Flops

Here is the finishing touch to your dress-up set. The best part about these is your little princess can actually play outside in her dress-up shoes without face planting on the sidewalk. Can you tell I speak from experience??

Materials needed:
Plain flip-flops--I got mine at Michael's
5/8 satin ribbon
iridescent ribbon
2 sparkly pom-poms
liquid cement

Cut the ribbon to the length of each side of your flip-flop straps. 
Use the liquid cement to glue the ribbons to the flip flops and secure them in place with clothes pins.

Make half of a fancy bow by looping 2 pieces of iridescent ribbon and criss-cross them. 
Glue a sparkly pom-pom in the middle of each ribbon "x".

Hot glue the embellished ribbon to the tips of the flip-flop straps.

Let the shoes dry completely before letting your fairy princess wear them.

You now have a complete fairy dress-up set that you can be proud to let your little girl wear.

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