Monday, May 30, 2011

DIY Dress-Up: Fairy Wand and Matching Hair Bows

Materials needed:
hot glue
a 16 inch dowel

Wrap your dowel with ribbon, securing the ribbon to the wood with glue at both ends. Make sure to wrap tightly. 

To make your bow follow the instructions on my fancy bow tutorial HERE.

Make 2 fancy bows for the wand. I made them from 3 different kinds of ribbon each to give it more dimension.
 Cut around 7 inches of different colors of thin satin ribbon. Hot glue the ribbon to the back side of one of your bows. 
Glue the bows together, sandwiching your ribbon covered dowel between the two. 
Glue a sparkly pom-pom to the front of your wand to give it a Tinkerbell touch.

To make the hair bows make 2 more fancy bows. Cut another group of thin satin ribbon and fold them in half. Glue them to the front of your bow and cover with a sparkly pom-pom. 

Attach your bows to an alligator clip. I did this by attaching Velcro to the back of my bows and to my clips so they can be switched out.

Your dress-up set is almost complete. Keep reading for the Tinkerbell inspired flip-flops.

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy


  1. Very creative. Your daughter is a lucky girl

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