Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paint Brush and Glue Stick Sunburst Mirror

My sunburst mirror wall is complete. My once lonely skewer sunburst mirror now has a friend on each side. :)

A few weeks ago I added a crayon sunburst mirror and today I completed the set with a mirror that is a tribute to my crafting obsession.

Materials needed:
5 inch round mirror
hot glue sticks
paint brushes
acrylic paint (optional)
empty ribbon spool
hot glue gun

Evenly space and glue paint brushes around your mirror. I did 8 paint brushes.
To add more color you can dip your brushes in paint.
Glue hot glue sticks in between the paint brushes.
Place an empty ribbon spool in the center of the back of the mirror. This makes in easy to hang on the wall.

Once the glue and paint on the mirror dry you can mount it to the wall. Because the hole is in the center of the ribbon spool you may have to put a wall mounting strip or a piece of duct tape at the top of the spool to keep the mirror from tilting down.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. This is a perfect project for a craft room or a play room! I love the idea! Thanks for sharing, I came over from the hepworth link party. I'm your newest follower!

    Brie from

  2. How Cute for a craft room or teacher gift!!


  3. Cool! Love the idea and looks like there's a crayon sunburst mirror there in the background, too? Awesome - thanks for sharing :-)

  4. How adorable and creative. And those foamy paint brushes were on sale 14 for $1 at the craft store recently.

    I would love for you to share a link to this on my mommy solution meme.

  5. Great idea, Macy! I'm joining the sunburst bandwagon, too... my re purposed mirror will post later this week. Come on by, if you're interested, and check it out!

  6. So creative! I love the paint on the end of the brushes! It looks awesome!