Friday, March 4, 2011

Moderate Makeover: Kids Room Edition

We recently moved our two oldest children from toddler beds to bunk beds. The bunk beds looked great, but the old dresser looked out of place with its crayon scribbles, chipped wood, and missing knobs.  I don't know about you, but I have better things to spend my money on than new furniture that my kids are going to destroy in 6 months anyway.  That being said, I decided to give the old girl a makeover. 

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. I bought mine from Walmart on clearance for $5.00. They can match it to any color in their selection. Next, I purchased some stencils from their craft section. For everything, including new knobs, brushes and a tarp, I spent a little over $15. 

This improvement inspired me to spruce up the rest of their room. I headed to my friendly, neighborhood dollar store and purchased some wall stickers to match my kids' comforters. I spent more than I would have liked, but only $3.00 of it was on decorations. :P  Overall, I spent less than $20 on this little improvement project. Can you beat that? Spruce up one of your rooms and post your results. 

Baby's corner of our room


  1. You are awesome! You also inspire me, I think I will be hitting a few garage sales and second hand shops for pieces we can liven up! Maybe Robbie's old dresser could be made over.

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