Monday, May 23, 2011

The 10 Best Movie Moms Of All Time--10 through 6

10. Sarah Conner from Terminator. Yeah...she is a bit psycho, but she would do anything for her son.

9. Andy's mom in Toy Story. She appears to be a single parent with 2 little kids. Her son is bright, kind, and imaginative and he grows up to be a generous college-bound adult. Way to go Mama!

8. Ruth Matthews in House of Cards. Not many people have seen this movie, but it is fascinating and touching. The mother in  this movie is so dedicated to her Autistic child that she does everything she can to reach her in her own little world. If you haven't seen this movie you HAVE to rent it.

7. Mrs Brisby in Secret of NIMH. Another single mother taking care of her family and risking her life to keep her children safe.

6. Marlin from Finding Nemo. Ok...he isn't a mother, but he is still an incredible parent.

Who do you think belongs in the top 5? Why?


  1. I always love Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter!

  2. I second the Molly Weasley nomination.
    Mrs Gump in Forest Gump deserves an honorable mention at least.
    For the feminist in me Jenny Garp from "The world according to Garp"
    And for the indi style film buff in me Clint Eastwoods "mother" The no-named mom is well acted and would do almost anything to protect her son.

  3. you mean the mom from Mrs. Doubtfire or Mrs. Doubtfire?