Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Really People???

Sometimes I think people have just gone nuts...especially those without children. With all the screaming, potty training, and sleepless nights it should be the other way, but I think parents gain a certain amount of common sense that makes them just a little more sane than everyone else. Here is a great example:
My 8 month old was up every 45 minutes last night. That's right...every 45 minutes! Naturally, he was fussy this morning so I put him down for his nap a little early. He didn't appreciate the change in schedule and cried like a maniac for about 20 or 30 minutes. I hate letting him cry it out, but the pediatrician said it is important that he learns to self-sooth.  Maybe he should have told that to my neighbors, because I received a phone call from the front office of our apartment complex saying they have gotten reports of a baby crying and the neighbors thought he had been left home alone. ARE YOU KIDDING???
I was speechless, embarrassed, and honestly a little afraid that CPS would come knocking down my door and whisk my children away. And here is the thing...if the neighbors could here my baby crying then they could also here me yelling at my dog to stop barking every five minutes. I know people are just trying to help sometimes and real child abuse needs to ALWAYS be reported, but what would make them think I would leave my children alone?? I am ALWAYS home, always outside with my kids, and I don't even take a shower unless I put the baby in the bathroom with me. Use common sense. Babies cry. And 30 minutes isn't a very long time for a baby to cry.
That was definitely the pickle on the crap sandwich that is my day. Did I mention I gave myself a black eye this morning AND I have mastitis? Grrrrr!
Thanks for listening to me whine and I hope all of you are having a better day than mine.

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy


  1. When I was babysitting Tre when he was younger (maybe 2), he did not know me at all. Stephanie was working so I had him for 5 or 6 hours a day. Since he didn't know me he cried... a lot. The icing on my cake was when the police came and knocked on my door. Not even a call from the front office. The neighbors went straight to the police. "Just checking that you're not beating the baby or that he is not alone". I feel your embarrassment.

  2. Lets just chalk this one up to well meaning neighbors who don't have kids and don't know anything about them. Best case scenario and probably the most true. Your wonderful and have amazing kids, never let anyone make you think otherwise.

  3. Thanks guys. It was just one thing after another this morning. I am so glad today is almost over!