Saturday, May 7, 2011

Paper Butterfly Lanterns

Could it be?? Spring has finally sprung?? I think I saw the first butterfly of the season today. In honor of that beautiful creature I will show you how to make decorative butterfly lanterns. I use these to cover the candles in my wall sconces when they are NOT in use.  We also have a few on our entertainment center that we use to hide spare binkies. :)

Materials needed:
Scrapbook paper
Chenille stems
Mod Podge

To make a paper lantern:
Cut a 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper in half. Fold the long edges in about a half inch on both sides and crease firmly. Fold only one of the sides in a second time.

Fold the top short edge down a half inch and crease firmly. Keep this fold in place.

Bring the bottom edge of the paper up to meet the fold you just made. Crease firmly.

Unfold and bring the bottom edge to the middle fold you just made. Do the same thing at the top. You will have 4 equal sized panels.

Form the box shape and tuck the half inch fold from the short edge into the folds you made along the long edges. Glue in place.

A full piece of scrapbook paper will make 2 lanterns.

To make a paper butterfly:
Cut 2 squares from scrapbook paper (mine are 6"x6"). 
Round the corners of the squares and fold each into an accordion shape. 
Fold a chenille stem in half. With the folds horizontal, stack the pieces of paper and wrap the chenille stem around the butterfly. The stem will make the body. Twist the two top pieces of the stem to look like the antenna. 
Fan out the paper so it looks like a butterfly. Apply glue where the two pieces of paper meet for a more secure butterfly. I also dab some fast drying glue or hot glue on the bottom inside corner and pinch the bottom wings together. This gives the wings more fullness.
A full piece pf scrapbook paper will make 2 butterflies

Making sure your seam is in the back, hot glue the butterfly to the lantern. I alternate the colors if I am making two lanterns. Mod podge your lantern to make it last longer.

Place your beautiful tribute to spring where everyone can see. Happy Spring!

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