Monday, May 9, 2011

Taste The Rainbow Chicken Fettuccine

This yummy dinner takes less than an hour to make and looks like something from a food magazine.

Chicken breast--I used frozen
mixed veggies--I used Kroger Italian style vegetables
Ronzoni Garden Delight fettuccine 
Santa Fe Blend Philadelphia Cooking Creme

Season and bake chicken in the oven at 375 for 30 minutes or until it is a minimum of 165 degrees F.
Simultaneously cook pasta and veggies.
 Once everything is cooked, cut the chicken into cubes or strips and place it in a large pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, or just use Pam if you are watching the calories.

Add the drained pasta and veggies and 1/4 cup of the cooking creme. Stir together on medium heat until the cooking creme has coated the pasta and chicken.
My Uncle Phil would call this "Food Porn" :P

I have made this recipe with both the Savory Garlic and the Santa Fe blend and I prefer the Savory Garlic. Have you tried any other flavors? Which is your favorite?

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  1. Can we come over for dinner? LOl. Yum, I will have to try this simple and yummy recipe!