Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Rockstars: More Tuesday Confessional Features

I have come to the conclusion that Martha Stewart just got lucky. There are so many of you out there with just as much, if not more talent. Check out these DIY rockstars that would put Martha to shame:

I am in love with this table from The Decorative Paintbrush.
 It may be my favorite thing ever. Ever.

Sweet Sewn Stitches made this so cute
 I almost want another baby. Almost. 

Check out this masterpiece from Before Meets After.

How to Nest for Less turns trash into treasure 
with this beautiful storage chest.

3 chairs + Frou FruGal = 1 awesome bench!

I am loving the fabric on this chair by Sass and Frass Crafts.

Southern Lovely lives up to her name with these adorable curtains.

What the Graham?! made this awesome entertainment center.

Way to go rockstars! As always, if you were featured grab a button and show everyone that you are a big deal.

Confessions of a SAHM


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Really....You are just way too cute! Thank you so much for the feature but, even more for just liking my piece so much, that's what really makes me smile! You're a doll! Have a fantastic weekend! See around Blogville!

  3. Thanks for the feature on my garden chair bench! I really appreciate it! There are some great projects here.

  4. WOW!! Thank you so much! I would be lying if I said I didn't sing "It's my birthday" and did a little dance...

  5. Thank you! You are so sweet to feature my curtains!

  6. Enjoyed this weeks featured projects. A little bummed I wasn't able to participate this week - juggling too many things... Oh well, there is always next week!! Off to visit a few of the featured a peeps! Thanks - AJ


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