Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Lactose intolerance and a milk protein allergy are NOT the same thing. I tried giving Philly Lactaid milk instead of regular milk and he was still sick to his tummy. Tomorrow I am switching to almond milk and we'll see how it goes.

2. My crock pot does NOT have magical powers. I was seriously beginning to believe that I could do no wrong with my beloved crock pot. I had a theory that if I put chicken and Skittles into that thing it would come out glorious. I may still test that theory, but after last night's dinner I know better. I just combined very simple ingredients and followed a recipe and it turned out AWFUL. My daughter told her brother she thought I had put poo into their dinner, and my poor husband finally said, "I can't do it." In retrospect, it was really funny.

3. No amount of yelling and swearing at the TV can get your team to the Championship Series. It's okay Yankees, I still love you.

4. Super Glue really does work in place of stitches. The other night I was sitting at my kitchen table with my sewing machine. The cord was behind me so I had to lift my leg over it when I sat down. This would have been fine, but I was holding my insanely sharp fabric scissors blade DOWN. My foot collided with the tip of the scissors and oh my coconut did it hurt. It hurt to walk on all day today and the wound kept opening back up. Tonight I went through 4 bandaids in 10 minutes and decided to just glue that puppy shut. It worked!

5. If your car door opener isn't working on your car...odds are it is NOT your car.  As I left the convenience store with my swimming pool of diet coke, I couldn't figure out why the car door opener wasn't unlocking my car. I finally decided to see if I had left it unlocked. To my surprise the door opened and I started to get in, until I heard a voice from the backseat yell, "What the hell are you doing??" I realized that this car was way too clean to be mine and apologized quickly. "SorryIhavethesamecar!" I rushed to my car, reassured by the empty Starbucks cups lying on the floor, and got the hell out of there. It was mortifying. Why do there have to be so many silver mini vans in Salt Lake? I swear I'm going to paint that thing hot pink.

So there is what I learned this week. I can only imagine what next week will bring. :)



  1. thank you, we can all learn a lot from ya.

  2. OMG This post had me laughing so hard. The crockpot theory makes me sad. Mine can do no wrong...and the skittles and beef theory sounds interesting enough to try. The "swimming pool of diet coke" cracked me up because that's the way I look when I come out of walmart...and the getting into the wrong car thing had me howling!

    Glad you learned these lessons this week...and hopefully your foot feels better soon...

  3. Oh no!! The wrong car, how embarrassing for you!! You certaining won't be doing that again lol
    Cute post :)

  4. This is hilarious. Just so you know, I don't have a lactose allergy and I still prefer almond milk to anything else. Especially vanilla flavored!

    Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired

  5. Oh my lanta! Well, it sounds like you have had a week filled with intense learning. Good luck with Philly and his allergy. Back in the day, my brother had a milk allergy so bad as a baby that he literally couldn't drink milk until he was about 2 and grew out of it. My mom had to give him gatorade with an iron supplement. Don't worry about the crock pot recipe... sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Considering the comments of your kids, I have to wonder if it was a texture thing. Keep the faith, crock pots do have magical powers- I too am convinced of it. Keep smiling and try to keep that foot of yours propped up when you can!

  6. Oh my! You got me laughing so hard, I almost peed myself! I had to share some of the stories with the hubby (had a hard time retelling I was laughing so hard!). He thought the chicken & skittles sounds good though, lol!


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