Monday, March 26, 2012

Giveaway winner and a big OOPS!

Soooooo....I love my minivan. It is AWESOME. Do you know what one of my favorite features was when we first got it? The little compartment in the very back that you can use to stow things. Things like extra diapers, or water bottles, or stuff that you are supposed to send out to your Blogiversary winners from 2 months ago. Wait...what?!?! CRAP!

To the two lovely ladies who won the scrapbooking goodie bag and the hot glue gun, I am SO SORRY! It will be sent to you soon.

And to True Love Vintage who won the I Said NO! book giveaway I promise not to put the book in the back of my minivan. It eats things.

Speaking of "My bad", I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was appropriate. Lol!

Have a good night!



  1. I have to giggle because I used to have a minivan with the same storage and would put something in there and find it months later too

  2. happens to the best of us..I wouldn't sweat it :) Plus you're giving away free stuff, who would really complain that it didn't get there on time?? Have a great day!
    Crafty Soccer Mom

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