Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Features from last week's Tuesday Confessional

It is grey and gloomy here today, so I decided to focus on the Springy posts from last week's Tuesday Confessional. I think I can hear little birdies chirping in the distance...

This 10 Minute Easter Wreath from Cabin Fevered Gem looks like it took hours

My Raina Sunshine really wowed this week with a colorful butterfly wreath

Speaking of butterflies...I'm loving the whimsical butterfly art by Ashley's Dandelion Wishes

These bunny and chick silhouettes from Coley's Corner are adorable. I especially love the bunny's tail

One Artsy Mama made this adorable fingerprint art look so classy!

I am smitten over this bird nest frame from The Joys of Home Educating

If you are looking for a cute project to do solo or with your munchkins check out this 2x4 Spring character tutorial from Keeping It Simple

If you were featured be sure to grab a button and get your brag on!



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