Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Sew Owl Tote

Like everyone else on the planet I am on board the owl train. I've always loved owls. I especially love them now because we call my son Phillip the screech owl. If you've ever heard him tantrum you understand. :)

I recently saw an owl tote at Target and decided to make my own using some scrap fabric and a denim tote. My sewing machine is being a brat, so I did this the no-sew way.

Cut out your owl using the template, or draw your own.
Download this template HERE.

Download this template HERE.

Use Fray Block around the edges. You'll be glad you did this later on.
Sew or glue the wings and features to your owl body using fabric glue. I glued and hand sewed, though the sewing was mostly for appearance. 

Once your owl is assembled let the glue and Fray Block dry for around 30 minutes.
Cut out the iron-on interfacing and the iron-on adhesive sheet using the owl template. I made mine a quarter inch smaller all the way around.

Iron the interfacing to the back of the owl, and then iron on the adhesive. Iron the entire owl to your tote. Don't burn yourself!

I had some problems with the adhesive sticking to the denim so I used fabric glue to secure the owl in place.  Sew on the button eyes.

If you have a Bedazzler or rhinestone setter feel free to add some bling or other embellishments. I also added a rosette to my tote. To make a rosette see my tutorial HERE.

My first time out with my new tote the cashier at Walmart asked me where I bought it! That was quite the ego boost. :)

 Princess Samantha has requested that I make her one. She has confiscated mine in the mean time.


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  1. I absolutely love this tote & wondered if you could make me one...I could buy it on Etsy or whatever is most convenient for you if you're interested.
    Courtney Griffin