Friday, October 26, 2012

Puberty: The Prequel. Mothers of daughters BEWARE!

When I had my first child I knew infancy and sleepless nights would be difficult. I knew all about The Terrible Twos. My mother warned me about the horrors of the Teenage Years and puberty. What no one told me about was the 6-7 year old attitude explosion.  Or as I like to call it..."Puberty: The Prequel".

I have several friends with daughters the same age as mine, and I have heard the same complaints from all of them. The same complaints that escape my mouth on a daily basis: She won't listen! She talks back! She yells at everyone and everything! It is like she has constant PMS...but she isn't even 7!! I don't think this phase would have been so difficult if I had been properly prepared. When I pictured my first grader I imagined sugar, spice, and everything nice. Instead, I got spit, vinegar, and a dash of sarcasm. Why didn't anyone warn me?? Would a heads up have been so hard? Thanks a lot, Mom!

That is why I am here today: To warn the mothers of the world. Don't relax just because your daughter is out of the toddler phase. Prepare. Stock up on Chardonnay and Prozac. Learn to crochet so your hands are busy when you want to throttle that adorable little ball of attitude. Here is a public service announcement I have created just for you. Share it with your friends. Awareness is the key to survival!


  1. Macy,
    Great post! Thank goodness I have two boys, I will forward to my unfortunate friends with little girls ; )

  2. Two boys in this house and that is the way it will stay!

  3. This made me laugh out loud!! I have a first grader, and you described her to a tee... She is attitude personified...but she always has been! I keep telling my hubs that it won't go away until she's at least 25...Skeered! Oh and I have a 4 year old who is watching and learning from her older sister...great!

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