Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Message ON a Bottle

Right now I am obsessed with two things: Burlap and chalkboard paint. Hmmm....I think I may have my next project...
These bottles were insanely easy and I love the way they look.

Materials needed:
Glass jugs--mine are half gallon beer jugs
Chalkboard paint
Colored chalk

Clean and dry the glass bottle(s).

 Cover your work area and cover with a coat of chalkboard paint. Let it completely dry and rub chalk all over. Wipe it away and apply at least one more coat. My bottles had writing on them, so I needed 3 coats. 
Rub chalk over the last coat and wipe it away.
Your message bottle is ready to go. This can be used to leave notes, make festive holiday decor, and even write the night's dinner menu on.


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