Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make Your Own Faux Rosewood Wreath

I have seen faux rosewood wreaths everywhere lately, including on several blogs.  This idea is not mine, but I had a lot of fun making it. One of the best examples of this wreath is on   The great thing about this wreath is that you can easily make it your own by using different kinds of paper, spray-painting your wreath, and adding different colors of ribbon to hang it.

Materials needed:

book pages
wreath form
hot glue gun
LOTS of hot glue

To make the paper roses: 
Stack 3 pages together at a time. This will make the roses look much better than a single page. Cut out 3 to 4" spirals from the stack of book pages. You can draw a spiral on the paper to make it easier, but after the 20th time I didn't need to follow the lines anymore.

Draw a spiral on your page. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Starting from the outside of the spiral, roll the paper tightly. As you get closer to the ends loosen the paper to make the rose fan out.

The inside of the spiral makes a circle. When you have rolled the paper to the circle dab hot glue on the bottom of the rose and fold the circle over it. This will keep the rose from unwrapping. If you use three pages you will need to glue the remaining to circles together.
Roll until you reach the circle at the end of the spiral

Glue the under side of the rose.

Fold the circle over the glued part of the rose.

The finished rose

Depending on the size of your wreath you will need around 100 roses. If you make too many, you can set them aside for future projects.

To make the wreath:
Hot glue the finished roses to your wreath until the entire front and sides are covered. I used a wooden wreath form from the dollar store, so my roses aren't in perfect lines. If you want to achieve a uniform look use a foam wreath form from the craft store. This will give you more control over where the roses go.
I made one rose larger than the others to give the wreath more dimension

To hang your wreath simply mount it on your door or wrap a ribbon around the top.  I used a red ribbon because I love the contrast between the two.
The finished product

I am working on 3 more wreaths, so stay tuned for more!

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